Hem / Anniversary Year 2021
12 February 2020

A Year of Experiences

Gothenburg’s 400-year anniversary in 2021 is organised as a framework with highlights, each with its own unique character. Each highlight reflects different expressions of the vision and values on which the anniversary initiatives are based, from the outset until 2021.

Inauguration of Gothenburg’s 400 Year Anniversary

16.21 o’clock on New Year’s Eve 2020 will be the kick-off for city-wide anniversary celebrations in 2021 and the people of Gothenburg will celebrate together!

Anniversary Weekend 4-6 June

On 4 June 1621, Gothenburg was given city status by King Gustav II Adolf, and we intend to celebrate the occasion in three acts. The weekend marks the start of a summer season in which numerous contributors offer experiences inspired by consultations with the people of the city.

Friday 4 June 2021 – let’s celebrate Gothenburg’s birthday

Gothenburg’s birthday ties the history of the city together, from 1621 to the present day. In the historic quarters around Gustaf Adolfs Torg, the Museum of Gothenburg and Kronhuset, the 400-year history of the city comes to life and draws in residents from all over the city, as well as visitors from near and far. A historical parade will also take place, forming a kilometre-long celebratory experience with around 30 floats.

Saturday 5 June 2021 – let’s meet close to the water

In act two, the spotlight turns on the river, the harbour and the sea. This is our response to the desire of residents to get closer to the water and celebrate Gothenburg’s history as a harbour city. The celebration of the sea takes place this day – right in the city centre at Frihamnen harbour. The commemoration of the sea will be shown in a variety of ways, for instance with the great Parade of Sails. Hundreds of ships and boats will be gathered in this parade with Tall Ships, local ships and private smaller boats. Besides Parade of Sails, there will be a huge event space in Frihamnen with exhibitions, concerts, international events and food stands. On June 4–13 the Jubilee festival will also take place.

Sunday 6 June 2021 – let’s celebrate at many different places in the city

The anniversary weekend coincides with Sweden’s National Day. The city celebrates its fine traditions in music, food and meetings, and the whole city becomes an arena as the people of Gothenburg and their guests gather for picnics in parks, gardens, on lawns and beaches.

Summary – one week in December 2021

When the time comes to sum up the anniversary year, the key elements will be sustainable growth, human rights and democracy. It will be a celebration of Gothenburg and its people, and an international gathering point for the latest knowledge, research and innovations in the fields that have guided efforts leading up to Gothenburg’s 400-year anniversary.

Anniversary Experiences that Tie the Year Together

The anniversary year will bind the year together through a variety of experiences that give stakeholders and businesses an opportunity to present and offer anniversary initiatives achieved in the run-up to 2021. A multitude of events, big and small, will span the year and fill the city with enjoyable experiences.

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