Jubileumssatsningar / Glimpses of Gothenburg’s History
13 October 2021

Experience Glimpses of Gothenburg’s History

Watch the nine films below.



Watch the films

Nine historical events, each with a unique story.



Watch the trailer of Glimpses of Gothenburg’s History.


Historieverket has produced Glimpses of Gothenburg’s history. Historieverket works to bring Gothenburg’s cultural heritage to life, mainly in Gathenhielmska Huset and Västra Nordstan. The vision is to promote Gothenburg’s flourishing cultural ecosystem through forms of collaboration. Read more at historieverket.se.

Collective Moves

Collective Moves artists have created the installations and films. Collective Moves is an international collective of artists who co-create stories about people and places. Read more at collectivemoves.com.

Production team

Alexis K Johnson (UK) Creative Producer & Director, Isabel Lagos (Sweden) Creative Director, Ruta Staseviciute (UK-Lithuania) Art Director, Anton Romanus (Sweden) Production Manager, Chris O’Reilly (Sweden) Communications, Elin Hansson (Sweden) Volunteer Coordinator, Matthew Hornton (Sweden) Rigger.


Flocken Media (flockenmedia.com). Lint Art Collective with Lilian Wyse and Victor Crusner


Greta Åberg (Sweden) dancer, Fredrik Åkerblom (Sweden) music score, Selma Åkerblom (Sweden) young performer, Nelly Alverstrand (Sweden) young performer, Jonny Berg (Sweden) performer, Nora Bergström (Sweden) young performer, Martin Bröns (Sweden) performer, Michele Collins (Sweden) performer, Valentina Lorenz Cammans (Sweden) Harpist, Mehrab Dehghanpour (Sweden) young performer, Alison Duddle (UK) designer, maker and director, Annika Frodi-Lundgren (Sweden) aerial artist and performer, Johannes Fuchs (Sweden) mural artist. Rob Griffith Jones (Sweden) writer, Eliot Gustavsson (Sweden) young actor, Joel Heirås (Sweden) physical theatre performer, Sam Hooper (Sweden) writer, Tinna Ingelstam (Sweden) performer, Peter Jamieson Sinclair (UK) researcher and artist, Johnny Karhinen (Sweden) maker and creative inventor, Alison Kirkpatrick (UK) costume, Barnaby King (USA) clown practitioner, Beata Kuczyńska (UK-Poland) fine artist, Gavin Lewery (UK) fabricator and artist, Lisa McQueenie (UK) fine artist and 3D maker, Monika Mrozowska (UK-Poland) fine artist, Franck Olofsson (Sweden) director. Sebastian Ruiz Bartilson (Sweden) choreographer, David Sperling Bolander (Sweden) physical theatre artist, Isabella Schou (Sweden) floral artist, Marie Schmidt (Sweden) dancer and director, Reimar Schmidt (Sweden) dancer, Dave Young (UK) Fabricator and artist, Elizabeth Ward (UK) fine artist, Erika Webe aka Caracola (Argentina) corporal acrobatic mime artist and clown, Ian Whiteford (Sweden) music composer, Thomas Wegebrand (Sweden) dancer.

Thank you
With thanks to Sven Hagnell, Austin Mitchel-Hewitt, Aloys Gouet, David Griffith-Jones, Gothenburg Opera, Liverpool Everyman Theatre. Huge thanks to our volunteers. Special thanks to Higab, Tyska Kyrkan, Kultursommarjobbare and Renaissance dance group ‘Fioretto’.


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