Hem / Gothenburg celebrates 400 years
1 september 2016

The city has a unique history that continues to shape the way we live. The population of Gothenburg is more diverse than ever. This contributes to the unique character of Gothenburg, while making the most of this diversity also presents a challenge. Today, as in the past, it is the variety of experiences, perspectives and passions of the people of Gothenburg that enrich the city. We are a sustainable city that is open to the world.

Uniting the city

In the same way that evidence of our 300th anniversary can be seen in landmarks such as Liseberg amusement park, Götaplatsen cultural centre and Gothenburg Botanical Garden, our 400th anniversary must have tangible benefits for the people who live here. This does not just mean building new landmarks. It is about uniting the city, working together and using the anniversary as a powerful driving force for the development of Gothenburg and the region as a whole.

The path to 2021 is just as important as the anniversary year itself. The city of Gothenburg has decided to invest and use the anniversary to create an even better city. Much of the work has already begun. It is rooted in openness and dialogue with residents.

Combining our strengths has always been vital to the city

Thousands of ideas and visions have been gathered from the people of the Gothenburg. The ideas of residents form the basis for the proposed anniversary initiatives, and the vision, goals and themes are built upon this process of open consultation.

Five goals for Gothenburg 2021:
  • Achieve international impact by making Gothenburg a city where residents enjoy living, feel involved and have a sense of pride and confidence in the future
  • Become a bold model for sustainable growth by achieving and exceeding already agreed targets
  • Promote development of Gothenburg and the surrounding region through broad collaboration between the city’s committees and companies, as well as local, regional, national and international stakeholders
  • Involve the whole city in the celebrations by encouraging ongoing open dialogue in which everyone can contribute
  • Reinforce the image of Gothenburg through effective communication and marketing
Three themes

The anniversary’s three themes serve as strategies for keeping the vision on course and encouraging participation all the way up to 2021.

Closer to the water
Getting closer to the city’s water, in all its forms: the sea, the archipelago, the harbour, the lakes, the canals, the river and even the rain.

Building bridges
Building bridges between people and closing gaps.

Open spaces
Developing an open and appealing atmosphere by providing creative spaces for people to meet.

The path to 2021 is just as important as the anniversary year itself. Each year has a theme that will give us something to focus on and talk about. This will enable us to keep the process alive each year leading up to 2021 and well beyond. In 2015 the focus is on “By and for young people”, which means building more opportunities for young people to exert influence.

Together we will continue to combine our efforts all the way up to 2021, to make this more than an anniversary celebration. Join us in the celebrations. Everyone can contribute in some way.

Download: Anniversary plan 2019
Download: Anniversary plan 2018
Download: Anniversary plan 2017
Anniversary plan 2016
Download: The proposed work plan

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